Journal Volume: 18      No.: 2     Year: 1966
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1 On Collapsing of Strata
Author: G.R. Seth      Pages: 1-3
2 Usefulness of Three-Moment X2 and t Approximations
Author: M.L. Tiku      Pages: 4-16
3 A Note on the Ratio and Regression Methods of Estimation in Controlled Simple Random Sampling
Author: M.S. Avadhani and B.V. Sukhatme      Pages: 17-20
4 A Type of Central Composite Response Surface Designs
Author: K.C. George and M.N. Das      Pages: 21-29
5 Canonical Analysis of Sub-Specific Differentiation in Brassica Campestris
Author: B.R. Murty and V. Arunachalam      Pages: 30-34
6 The Simple and Modified Simple Poisson Processes and the Maximum-Likelihood Estimators of their Parameters
Author: V. Mukerji      Pages: 35-51
7 On Estimators of Variance of Estimate of Population Total in Varying Probabilities
Author: G.R. Seth      Pages: 52-56
8 Lehmann's Two Sample No-Nparametric Test
Author: B.V. Sukhatme and M.V. Deshpande      Pages: 57-69
9 Investment in Commercial Production of Milk in Urban Areas
Author: K.C. Raut      Pages: 70-85
10 A Note on Sampling with Varying Probabilities
Author: M.S. Chikkagoudar      Pages: 86-92
11 Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics 1964-65
Author:       Pages: 93-98
12 Abstracts of Papers presented Vol 18 (02)
Author:       Pages: 99-119
13 Hindi Supplement Vol 18 (02)
Author:       Pages: 14