Journal Volume: 19      No.: 1     Year: 1967
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1 Genetic Variance and Assortative Mating
Author: A.V. Rao and P. Narain      Pages: 31-45
2 On Construction of Symmetrical Fractional Factorial Designs
Author: T.C.S.R. Sarma      Pages: 83-91
3 On Growth and Instability in Indian Agriculture
Author: S. R. Sen      Pages: 1-30
4 Design and Analysis of Some Asymmetrical Qualitative-cum Quantitative Experiments
Author: C.L. Narayana and M.G. Sardana      Pages: 46-68
5 Assessment of Losses due to Incidence of Pests and Diseases on Rice Crop
Author: T.P. Abraham and R.K. Khosla      Pages: 69-82
6 On the Coefficient of Mean Difference of Continuous Distributions
Author: S.N. Nath      Pages: 108-114
7 A Plan for Allocation of Cultivable Land among Different Economic Crops of Kerala State
Author: G. Sadasivan and S. C. Rai      Pages: 92-107
8 Vicissitudes of Indian Agricultural Statistics
Author: S. Subramaniam      Pages: 115-125
9 Review of the activities of the Society for the year 1965-66
Author: ISAS      Pages: 139-146
10 Abstracts of Papers Presented
Author:       Pages: 139-146
11 Corrections
Author: G. R. Seth      Pages: 1
12 Hindi Supplement
Author:       Pages: 13