Journal Volume: 29      No.: 2     Year: 1977
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1 Mainsprings of Agricultural Growth in India
Author: V.S. Vyas      Pages: 1-18
2 Block Structure of Certain Series of EGD and Hypercubic Designs
Author: K.R. Aggarwal      Pages: 19-23
3 On the Inclusion of Large Units in the Sample
Author: D. Singh and R. Singh      Pages: 24-31
4 A Statistical Study of the Effect of Isonicotinic Acid Hydrazide (INH) on the Acetylation of Sulfanilamide in Rabbits
Author: P.S. Shende and S.G. Prabhu-Ajgaonkar      Pages: 32-41
5 On Construction and Analysis of p x q Confounded Asymmetrical Factorial Designs
Author: A.K. Banerjee      Pages: 42-52
6 On Bradley-Terry Models for Symmetrical Pairs
Author: G. Sadasivan and S.S. Sundaram      Pages: 53-64
7 Conservation of Water and its Utilisation
Author: D. Singh and P.N. Bhargava      Pages: 66-76
8 On Some Useful Chemical Balance Weighing Designs From Family (A) Balanced Incomplete Block (Bib) Designs
Author: S.C. Gupta and M.N. Das      Pages: 77-79
9 Technique for Estimating Optimum Size and Shape of Plot from Fertilizer Trial Data : A Modified Approach
Author: N. Sundararaj      Pages: 80-84
10 Use of an Extraneous Information in Estimation of Feed-Milk Relationship Subject to Collinearity
Author: T. Jacob      Pages: 85-88
11 A Note on Four and Six Level Second Order Rotatable Designs
Author: A.K. Nigam      Pages: 89-94
12 A Note on the Construction of Modified Cubic Designs
Author: S. L. Singla      Pages: 95-100
13 Preferred Numbers and the Normal Distribution
Author: H.P. Bhattacharya      Pages: 101-102
14 Hindi Supplement Vol 29 (02)
Author:       Pages: 4