Journal Volume: 36      No.: 1     Year: 1984
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1 Sequential Estimation of Population Size
Author: Fauran Singh Chaudhary and Daroga Singh      Pages: 1-9
2 On Non-Negative Variance Estimation in Ikeda-Midzuno-Sen Strategy
Author: Arijit Chaudhuri      Pages: 10-18
3 An Alternative Approach for Entering Vector in Simplex Method
Author: M.T. Bharambe      Pages: 20-24
4 Selection of Variables and Multivariate Analysis of Multi-Classified Non-Orthogonal Data
Author: S.C. Agarwal and S.N. Kaushik      Pages: 25-37
5 A Study of Price Behaviour of Vegetables in Some Colonies of Delhi
Author: Pranesh Kumar, A.K. Srivastava and Padam Singh      Pages: 38-50
6 A Study of the Effect of Variate-Transformations on Strategies of Sampling Finite Populations
Author: Arijit Chaudhuri and Arun Kumar Adhikary      Pages: 51-64
7 On the Theory of Optimum Land Reform
Author: R.K. Sampath      Pages: 65-71
8 The Gegenbauer Distribution Revisited : Some Recurrence Relations for Moments, Cumulants, etc , Estimation of Parameters and its Goodness of Fit
Author: M. Borah      Pages: 72-78
9 Confidence Intervals for Signal to Noise Ratio
Author: Padma Sankaran and M. Sankaran      Pages: 79-84
10 A Multiphase Sampling Procedure when Nonresponse Arises in a Mail Survey
Author: Rosamma Mathew      Pages: 85-91
11 On Ratio Estimate in Cost of Production Studies
Author: H.C. Gupta and U.G. Nadkarni      Pages: 92-98
12 Systematic Sampling using Varying Probabilities
Author: Ranjana Agrawal, D. Singh and Padam Singh      Pages: 99-109
13 Alternative Multivariate Ratio Estimators using Geometric and Harmonic Means
Author: S. Mohantv and L.M. Pattanaik      Pages: 110-118
14 Estimation of Impact Due to Milk Supply Schemes in a Dynamic Population
Author: H.P. Singh, J.P. Jain and B.C. Saxena      Pages: 119-126
15 Estimation of Post-Harvest Foodgrain Losses
Author: P. Narain and R.K. Khosla      Pages: 127-142
16 Acknowledgements to Referees 1983
Author:       Pages: 143-145
17 Hindi Supplement Vol 36 (01)
Author:       Pages: 8