Journal Volume: 45      No.: 1     Year: 1993
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1 Statistics for Rural Development - An Agenda for the Nineties
Author: V.R. Rao      Pages: 1-47
2 Interface among Statistics, Cybernetics and Genetics
Author: Prem Narain      Pages: 48-75
3 Proceedings of the Symposium on 'Poverty and Agriculture'
Author:       Pages: 76-94
4 Report on the Session on 'Statistical Computing'
Author:       Pages: 95-97
5 Abstracts of Papers Vol 45 (01)
Author:       Pages: 97-130
6 Review of the Activities of the Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics for the Year 1992
Author:       Pages: 131-143
7 Extending AR Models for Seasonal Series: A Case Study
Author: A. Sarkar and B. Kartikeyan      Pages: 144-162
8 A Scheme for Post-Stratification in Two Stage Sampling
Author: P.C. Mehrotra      Pages: 163-170