Journal Volume: 45      No.: 3     Year: 1993
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1 Markov-based Models for Weather Spells - A Case Study
Author: C.D. Ravindran and R.G. Dani      Pages: 285-297
2 On Efficiency Balanced and Variance Balanced Design
Author: N.P. Patel, S. R. Patel and S. M. Shah      Pages: 298-306
3 On Certain Alternative Estimators for Multiple Characteristics in Varying Probability Sampling
Author: T.J. Rao      Pages: 307-318
4 Simultaneous Interval Estimation of Variance Components in Two Way Nested Random Model with Unbalanced Data
Author: R.C. Jain. Rina Agrawal and Aruna Jawkhedkar      Pages: 319-330
5 Fixed-size Confidence Region Estimation of a Linear Function of k-multinormal Means
Author: R. Karan Singh and Ajit Chaturvedi      Pages: 331-340
6 Quantification of Rainfall Effects on Grain Yield of Sorghum Genotypes in Dryland Alfisols
Author: C. Hanumantha Rao, G.R. Maruthi Sankar. N.K. Sanghi and A. Girija      Pages: 341-349
7 On A Multistage Decision Making Model in Farming Industry
Author: P.K. Tripathy, S. Swain, N. Nayak and M. Basu      Pages: 350-358
8 Multivariate Product Estimators
Author: M.C. Agrawal and K.B. Panda      Pages: 359-371
9 Error Estimation in A Mixed ANOVA Model using Two Preliminary Tests of Significance
Author: A.K. Singh, H.R. Singh and M.A. Ali      Pages: 372-388
10 Announcement Vol 45 (03)
Author:       Pages: 1
11 Hindi Supplement Vol 45 (03)
Author:       Pages: 6