Journal Volume: 47      No.: 2     Year: 1995
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1 Classes of Estimators of Finite Population Mean and Variance Using Auxiliary Information
Author: Surendra K. Srivastava and Harbans Singh Jhajj      Pages: 119-128
2 General Class of Estimators
Author: Sarjinder Singh, N.S. Mangat and P.K. Mahajan      Pages: 129-133
3 Sampling Without Replacement in Qualitative Randomized Response Model
Author: Rajendra Singh and O.P. Kathuria      Pages: 134-141
4 A Class of Estimators for Mean of Symmetrical Population when the Variance is not known
Author: R. Karan Singh and S.M.H. Zaidi      Pages: 142-150
5 On Efficiency of Some D-optimal Designs in Subset Estimation
Author: S. Huda and I.H. Khan      Pages: 142-150
6 A Note on Construction of Asymmetrical Main Effect Plans
Author: M.K. Sharma      Pages: 142-150
7 A Class of Unbiased Dual to Ratio Estimator in Stratified Sampling
Author: Housila. P. Singh and Virendra P. Singh      Pages: 168-175
8 The Effect of Survey Design on Regression Analysis: An Empirical Investigation
Author: R.C. Agrawal and O.P. Kathuria      Pages: 176-183
9 Statistical Assessment of Different Standardization of Sole Crop Yields in Intercropping
Author: M.K. Jagannath and M.V. Sholapurkar      Pages: 184-191
10 On Systematic Sampling Allowing Estimation of Variance of Mean
Author: S. Ray and M.N. Das      Pages: 192-196
11 Comparison of Sometimes Pool Estimation Procedures of Error Variance using One Preliminary Test in a Mixed ANOVA Model with another using Two Preliminary Tests
Author: A. Kumar Singh, H.R. Singh and M.A. Ali      Pages: 197-211
12 Almost Separation of Bias Precipitates in the Estimator of Inverse of Population Mean with Known Coefficient of Variation
Author: Houosila P. Singh and Raj K. Gangele      Pages: 212-218
13 Hindi Supplement Vol 47 (02)
Author:       Pages: 8